Beartooth Mountain Guides offers a variety of family activities during all seasons. You can get your family together exploring the outdoors, learning about nature, and of course having fun!


Winter Time with the Family

Not interested in strapping on a pair of skis or visiting a ski resort to get your
snow fix this winter? Beartooth Mountain Guides offer snow-climbing clinics and
guided snowshoe tours in the beautiful Bearthooth-Absaroka Wilderness just
outside of Red Lodge, Montana. Winter in the National Forest offers great scenery,
winter solace and a chance to learn about some local natural history from our

Our guides will take you through the winter backcountry for 2-6 hour hikes/ski
tours on a variety of great trail systems on the edge of the Beartooth wilderness.
These casual outing will include instruction on the use and efficiency of hiking
with snowshoes, route finding and orienteering, managing environmental hazards
and interpretive information on local geology and forest ecology. These enjoyable half-day adventures will visit some of the classic Beartooth trails such as Bear track trail, Basin Lakes, Silver Run trail loops, Nichols Creek trail, Lake Fork, and the Ingles Creek trail. A minimum of 2 clients is required to conduct a guided snowshoe trip, so bring your friends!

Client/Guide ratio: 5:1
Dates: December through May (weather dependent)
Private - $95/person/day
Group of 2 - $75/person/day
3 or more - $65/person/day

Rock Climbing

Rock 1:
Want to learn the basics of rock climbing? We offer half-day and single-day courses teaching the fundamentals of rock climbing along with modern rockcraft
techniques use to effectively manage the objective hazards in this sport. We are lucky enough to have many great rock climbing crags on limestone and granite in the Red Lodge area; get a group of friends or family together for a great way to spend the day recreating in the mountains! No previousexperience required.

Rock 2:
These courses are a follow up to the skills acquired in our Rock Climbing 101
courses. All climbers will receive instruction on the types of rock protection,
placing gear, belaying and seconding a lead climbing, with 'learn to lead' climbing
options. This course will also cover the use and care for equipment, making anchors and rappelling. Rock 1 or equivalent experience necessary.

  • Leave No Trace Ethics
  • Hazard/Risk Assessment
  • Use and care of equipment
  • Knots/Hitches
  • Movement on rock
  • Anchors/Belays
  • Management systems for top roping

Client/Guide ratio: 6:1
Rock 1:                       FULL Day - HALF Day
Private -                $250/person -$150/person
Group of 2 -          $150/person - $100/person
3 or more -            $125/person - $75/person

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Geology Trips

We have several different geology trips that you can experience. Adventure into nature and learn about the history of our world.  

Line Creek Front Range
June 15th
Following public roads and trails adjacent to the Montana/Wyoming state line, this trip will walk along the Beartooth Range front looking at evidence of large range-front earthquakes and deformation of sedimentary rock packages that once capped the range. We will learn to identify different minerals and rock types;sedimentary rocks that range from 350 to 55 million years old, volcanic rocks that intruded during the Beartooth Uplift, and crystalline basement rocks approximately 3 billion years in age. Your geology guides will lead by example on how to take basic geologic measurements and observations that allow geologists to make interpretations about Beartooth mountain building events and formation
of the landscape.

12 spots available

Mount Maurice Trail
July 15th
Following a county road out of Red Lodge, MT, this day in the field is a day hike
that closely follows the 'Face of the Mountain' trail, which traverses through the
entire Paleozoic (540-250 million years old) sedimentary rock sequence adjacent
to the Beartooth Range. We will examine any visible fossils and sedimentary
features that indicate order of deposition and relative changes in rock types over
geologic time. The group will learn to take strike, dip and other geologic
measurements that will aid in the concepts of tilting and deformation during
tectonic uplift. A brief visit at the end of the day will look at an exposure of
younger sedimentary rocks deposited during the Beartooth Uplift, about 55
million years ago. Group discussions are will cover life during the Paleozoic, the
different environmental conditions that deposited each group of strata, and the
types of earthquakes and faulting that occurred in the northeastern Beartooth

12 spots available

Beartooth Pass
August 15th
This field trip will meander up the Beartooth Pass (highway 212) out of Red Lodge, MT, and will involve numerous short hikes off the highway. The first stop will occur in the lower Rock Creek canyon where we use topographic maps and observations to identify different glacial deposits; outwash terraces and boulder-covered moraines marked by subtle changes in topography. Further up the Main Fork of Rock Creek a short hike will lead to outcrops of Archean granitic-gneiss that were well polished by large valley glaciers between 150,000 and 13,000 years ago. Here we will examine the power of erosion caused by glaciers, looking at rock striations and other features in the large U-shaped canyon. As we venture up the plateau we will get great views of where 1,000-foot thick glaciers once carved the alpine landscape - forming cirque basins, hanging valleys and the iconic Bear's Tooth spire glacial horn. On the way back to Red Lodge, we will pull over near an undeveloped mining claim hosting dark igneous rocks that intruded Beartooth country rock. Learning to identify the chromite-group minerals, we will get a chance to talk about the past and present mining history on the Beartooth Plateau.
12 spots available

Stillwater-Benbow Mine area
September 15th
On the northwest flank of the Beartooth Range, the Stillwater Complex is an active source of mining for chromite and platinum-group metals. The Complex
contains a mixture of mafic igneous and metamorphic rocks that crystallized with
rare dense minerals at high pressures and temperatures deep underground
approximately 2600 million years ago. We will visit areas adjacent to old mining
sites exposing Stillwater Complex rocks to work on mineral identification and
discuss the types of modern techniques used in the field of mineral exploration.
Other stops in the field will visit younger sedimentary strata that once lied horizontal over the Beartooths and range front; subsequent uplift of the range
caused these limestones and sandstones to be highly folded and fractured. We
will discuss how the dense-mineral rocks in the Stillwater Complex acted as
structural dam that forced the rising Beartooth Range towards the northeast along the Beartooth Fault, forming the modern front range near Red Lodge. Great examples of folding, faulting and overturned sedimentary beds are quick stops
along the roadside to make geologic observations and interpretations on the
magnitude of earthquakes and faulting here during the Paleocene (60 million
years ago).

​12 spots available

bmg, kids climbing

Rent the Rock Wall!

Bring the wall to your next function! Whether a birthday party, family reunion, fundraiser, or even a wedding (only if you want to coolest wedding). We will drive it over and get your party climbing to new levels of fun!

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