Winter Skills:

Teaching you the fundamentals of avalanche safety and trekking into winter. You can get certified over these multi-day courses in the skill set you want to master.

Winter Skills

Winter Skills Seminar

Winter Skills Seminar
(5 days, 2 courses  - Winter WFA, February 14-16 ; Avalanche 1, Feb 17-19)

This Seminar is a combined course with Avalanche Level 1 and WFA (Wilderness First Aid: 16-hour first aid field course).  Winter camping, navigating and first aid. Winter camping skills taught; camping night of 24th.
(rates: $800 participant)

Optional to take 1 of 2 courses offered

February 14-19

Avalanche 1

Avalanche Level 1 certification courses (3-day courses; Cooke City MT area).
3-day courses with field travel travel on skis / boards each day. These 16-hour courses will betaught under the guidelines set forth by the American Avalanche
Association (AAA). Instruction in terrain management & snowpack assessment.
(rates: $350/ participant)

February 3–5
March 25-27