Winter Courses 2019-2020:

We'll teach you the fundamentals of backcountry travel in the winter months - avalanche education, winter climbing on ice and snow, or relaxed days trekking on snowshoes.  We also offer multi-day progression courses to bolster the skills of your favorite winter activity.   

Avalanche Level 1 - Recreational

Avalanche Level 1 - Recreational: certification course (3-day courses).

3-day courses with field travel travel on skis / boards each day. These 24-hour courses will betaught under the guidelines set forth by the American Avalanche
Association (AAA).  Instruction in backcountry travel, terrain management & snowpack assessment.

February 7-9  (Red Lodge, MT)

February 21-23  (Red Lodge, MT)

(rates: $399/ participant)    Lodging not provided.  

ICE CLIMBING  for all abilities

Want to learn the basics of ice climbing?  We offer single-day courses teaching the fundamentals of climbing on ice.  You'll learn modern ice climbing techniques and how to manage the objective hazards in this sport.

MANY of Montana's classic ice routes are in our backyard!  Get a group of friends or family together for a great way to spend a day in the mountains!   

Group and private instruction offered daily with reservations.  DECEMBER - APRIL

Private - $325/person/day
Group of 2 - $200/person/day
3 or more - $150/person/day

Winter Skills Seminar

Winter Skills Seminar
(5 days, 2 courses  - Winter WFA, February 20-21 ; Avalanche 1, Feb 22-24)

This Seminar is a combined course with Avalanche Level 1 and WFA (Wilderness First Aid: 16-hour first aid field course).  Winter camping, terrain navigation, snow science and first aid. Winter camping skills taught; camping night of 24th.
(rates: $800 participant)

Optional to take 1 of 2 courses offered

March 20-24  (based out of Cooke City, MT)

(rates:  $799/participant)  

Winter Skills